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Bridging the Gap Between

Talent and Technology

LeapIT takes an unconventional approach to IT and cloud workforce development, connecting under-resourced companies with overlooked talent. 
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How does LeapIT work?

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Find the Right People

  • Recruiting based on 100+ years of IT and training experience

  • Leveraging deep behavioral models

  • Targeting digital native, overlooked or underemployed

  • Creating alliances with Veteran’s agencies and non-traditional Educators

60 days

graphic of a computer screen representing code


Train Them

  • LeapIT Certification

  • Dale Carnegie    

  • Azure & AWS focus with ancillary systems such as SalesForce, Guidewire, C#, Java, .NET, SQL, etc.

  • As needed, supporting technology stacks, DEVOPS and DEV

  • Industry best practices

  • Cultural workshops 

  • Comprehensive mentoring program 

  • 80-150 hours of hands-on classroom time

60 days

LeapIT technology employees working on computers


Immerse Them

  • On site leadership

  • Daily/weekly guidance

  • Integration with your workforce

  • Quarterly reviews

  • Performance feedback loop

  • Transparency into management

  • Grooming towards conversion

  • “Booster” training

270-360 days

LeapIT employee badge after being hired


Convert Them to

They have:

  • Salary alignment with local market

  • Proven experience in your environment for up to one year

  • Motivation to join your company

  • Backing of the LeapIT management and mentors with conversion in mind

You have:

  • Day one productivity

  • No obligation to hire

  • Additional resource channel

Why act now?

Employer demand for IT and cloud computing roles, including infrastructure, security, architecture, development and engineering, rose almost 33% in the last three years. Job seeker interest in these positions, which has risen almost 108% in the same period, still falls short of meeting demand, according to an analysis of Indeed job data. 

Benefits of the LeapIT model


  • Additional recruitment channel to diversify workforce and grow pool of employee IT talent

  • Hand-in-glove partnership with LeapIT to ensure teams meet precise  short and long term needs of company

  • Turnkey, custom-ready teams to deploy immediately on technology initiatives

  • Consistently delivers lower turnover and lower costs while addressing hype curves


  • Free career training, from technical tools to leadership skills

  • Paid on-the-job IT experience, complete with quarterly reviews and boost programs to supplement training

  • Comprehensive coaching and mentoring inside and outside the classroom and assignments

  • Long-term career prospects upon successful completion of program


  • Career opportunities for high-potential but overlooked  community members

  • Diversification of technology workforce

  • Jobs stay local, rather than being moved to other locations

  • Triple win for the economy

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