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LeapIT Celebrates at Brambly Park

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Celebrating Success

LeapIT celebrated its one-year anniversary at Brambly Park in Scott’s Addition, Richmond, Virginia. The celebration recognized the herculean efforts put forth by everyone involved in getting LeapIT to where it is today.

LeapIT Associates with their families, friends and mentors safely gathered with clients, investors, and supporters. All in attendance were instrumental in the extremely successful first year of this start up company and its cause.

Click the photos below to see more from our event.


During the celebration, Founder and President, Scott Mayo delivered a heartfelt thank you. He expressed his gratitude for all who have had faith in the LeapIT vision, in addition to the hard work, commitment, and belief of everyone making this first year a success. An Executive from a key Client also spoke about their faith, the calculated risks taken and collaborative efforts put forth by all in order to maximize the rewards and benefits they had received - far exceeding expectations.

A milestone with memories

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. LeapIT is so proud to have sustained and grown this year while embracing its core values of being kind, humble and resilient.

Some associates from LeapIT’s year one wave have already been hired and it is anticipated that other associates will receive offers in the coming months. This is a testament to their sacrifices, hard work and determination to establish their IT career and a validation of the LeapIT mission.

Looking Ahead

Even though LeapIT’s first year has been a resounding success, the management team has been focused on capitalizing on lessons learned to ensure anticipated growth goes smoothly. As LeapIT moves into year two, the team is busy planning its 2021 class schedule and seeking talent to meet Client needs. Scaling by delighting its clients through impacting people’s lives and establishing Cloud based IT careers will continue to be LeapIT's mission.

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