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Team Leads

The importance of

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The Goal

Each class has an Instructor and a Team Lead. Team Leads are senior and are hand-picked to leverage their technical experience in curriculum design, classroom, lab, and get placed with the team at the client site, acting as their liaison and onsite leader. 

The Importance of 
Team Leads


Before a class starts and curriculum is finalized, the Team Lead meets with and works for a minimum of two weeks at the client site with the designated client liaisons. The Team Lead’s primary initial focus is to deeply understand the technology and culture of the client while collaborating and finalizing curriculum with the client.
Once the curriculum is finalized and validated by both the client and LeapIT management, a training schedule is established - including labs.


Once the curriculum and training schedule is established, the Team Lead then participates in candidate selection leveraging their knowledge and experience of the client environment by working with LeapIT recruiters in finalizing candidates.  The Team Lead also participates in all the training to begin establishing relationships with the class, working with trainers and helping course correct the curriculum and labs if necessary.  This maximizes the productivity of the class once on assignment. 

Team Leads work closely with LeapIT Associates, LeapIT Management, and client leaders to ensure the program is running smoothly. This ensures necessary support is provided to associates including supplemental or “booster” training.

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