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LeapIT aims to build a workforce of individuals who...

have the technical competency, drive, intelligence, interpersonal skills and the necessary support to enhance their ability to perform and thrive within client environments.

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Talent Development

Our goal is to provide materials, training, equipment and certifications (when necessary) and support to our cohort of students to produce a shovel-ready team, ready to produce results in any technical environment. This is accomplished by working closely with our Corporate Clients, as they are an integral part of the LeapIT Curriculum development.

Candidates enrolled in any LeapIT Certification program have been through a rigorous screening, vetting and specific onboarding to determine if they are a fit. 

LeapIT Vocabulary

  • Recruit – student candidate prior to a class starting

  • Candidates – accepted as students in the curriculum

  • Certified Associates – passed class curriculum and testing

  • Certified Team Lead – classroom and client site team leader

  • Client - LeapIT client

  • Mentor – assigned to each student, purposefully assigned to Candidates based on Candidate background and Mentor’s background to facilitate a connection, trying to match lifestyle or experiences so they deeply connect on a personal level

  • Instructor – in the classroom – may be various people, 4 to 5 per class, Subject Matter Experts


Each student within the LeapIT training program receives technical skills training along with soft skills personal coaching. LeapIT graduates have been taught how to work with and within teams and are prepared to navigate a corporate working environment. It doesn’t end there, however.


From the very beginning, each Candidate accepted into the LeapIT training program gets assigned a mentor. Mentors attend classes, follows each Candidate’s assignment, and monitors and encourages their progress throughout the class but also while the associates are on assignment.


An additional differentiator in the LeapIT process is the involvement of the Team Lead. This role ensures a deep calibration between the client, classroom and work environment. 

LeapIT Certified Associates

Fully prepared. Fully supported.

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